Friday, 11 June 2021

Dear support staff

we just want to say thank you for being a great help to our school. thank you for sorting out all of our problems, play games with us, volunteer to coach sports teams and just being there for us we are very gratful for your kindness and helpfulness.

thank you for making this school fun and safe Thank You.


Reflection Yr 8 Camp

So Last Week Wednesday we went to KVCC Which stands for Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp so the first day when we got there we were knowing the boundaries and what we can do and what to do. We mostly did free time but then we moved onto the fun activities that were held by the camp and it was groups vs groups and we each had a colour my colour was yellow and we had to make a chant at the start. then we did some fun activities like one person on a mat and you have to drag them across you then we had more sport activities. then we had some cool like real activities like go carts and air rifles.

Kauri's Smashing fractions

Task Description: we had to solve these fractions equations and i did them.

The jacket part 6

Task Description: we had to read the last chapter of the jacket and then we had to answer the questions.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Fraction Star

Task Description: we had to answer the math equations and it was fractions and this is what i got.

Friday, 4 June 2021

FiaFia Reflections

 yesterday we had FiaFia and I was an MC and I introduced different groups. I was in choir so I sang 4 songs.I introduced 5 groups which was the most and it was The Senier Kapa Haka, Hip Hop Middle School, Senier Samoan group and Senier hip hop.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Art of the sentence

We had to describe four pictures with one sentence containing one idea and we had to highlight the verbs and the nouns.