Thursday, 16 September 2021

Intro to Pythagorean theorem

we had to learn about the lengths and area of the right angle triangle. this is like an easier version of the missing lengths.

Missing lengths

we had to do these missing lengths all we had to do was find out the length of one side that we don't know and this is it.

Maori Language week

we used slang words in Maori for this week so like yeeya and nek minute the translations for those are in these slides.

Language Arts

Task Description: We had learn more about figurative language we had to put them in our own sentences these slide were just the second part of our work on the meet we did an Edpuzzle and i got them all right the whole class would of got it right but miss hall did a mistake so everyone voted for miss halls answer.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Crime scene

we had to use math to figure out the crime scene by getting there favourite number to see which one did the crime scene.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Story starter part 8 (Lucky Last)

 I had to write a quick story about a sheep that was purple and liked to swim. so one time there was a purple sheep he liked to swim he liked swimming so much he even competed with natural swimmers in races he won nearly all of them one time he was racing fish to the bottom of the ocean and back up to the surface but the sheep couldn't swim down cause it floats and swims forwards it can't go down the end

story starter part 7

 i had to write to things about a wet cat who wears only green clothes. there was this cat who's favourite colour was green. he got wet one time and he was the only cat that liked being wet so then the cat stayed wet for the rest of her life.