Wednesday, 20 December 2017

summer learning journey day 2 #1

The differences between the wharepuni and my house are that my house has no Maori patterns, also my house has a my room, my mum and dad's room and my brothers' rooms and my sister's room and the wharepuni only has one big room.

The things that are the same are that my house is made out of wood, the wharepuni is also made out of wood, are house is for having shade, shelter from rain and for sleeping at night, the wharepuni is the same.

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  1. Hey again Kauri, great photo!
    You have done a really great job with this activity - I am very impressed!
    I like the way you have first stated the differences between the traditional wharepuni and your own home. I never thought about the insides and how the wharepuni only has one big room.

    I also like how you have spoken about the different materials that were used and how they are likely to be similar to your house.

    Do you think that you could live in a wharepuni nowadays?

    Thanks, Billy