Friday, 28 July 2017

if i was an astronaut.

If i was an astronaut i would go to another planet like Mars and Uranus, but this planet was a planet that know one knows about this planet is called the everything planet it is called the everything planet because it basically has everything on it. When i mean everything i mean like it has everything like flowers, sunshine, toys and water fountains and mountains ice cream is well, and trees and air and volcano's, it has life it has houses it also has gravity it has almost everything, i said almost everything because it doesn't have a black hole on it and it doesn’t have the sun and stars and other planets on it. Okay now let’s go into the are rocket ship. We are in space now there is a lot of stars out here i see Jupiter, we are close just two minutes to go, i see another space ship heading the same direction we are going maybe they know that it is real is well. someone has put a space shuttle here and a satellite here this planet is not in the milky way it is in a different galaxy it is called the unknown galaxy. There is a moon here but instead of craters it has volcano's and the sun is white instead of red and orange. And the moon is orange and red.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

kite day

yesterday we were making kites we had straws and paper and scissors and tape and string and colours we cut out are paper and tape our straws to the paper the paper was shaped as a diamond then we colour our kites then we get string and put a hole and tie it to the kite and then your Finnish the and ready to test it out.


first we had to get are shoes on. And go to kiwisport. and then get a map and a piece of paper the paper had letters and courses on it the letter are for are activity because it's on a thing that clips you’re paper. And the map is for knowing where we are and where the clipper thing is.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Moari village

i see a Maori man with white hair holding a Maori baby in a blanket             crying. And i see some Marae and a giant path that lead to the houses.

I see people making hangi. hangi is a place where you get food. I  see some people eating because they are hungry. I see some people sitting on the marae. I see some people in the marae. I see some close on the ground.


Harakeke is flax you can weave with flax flax is kind of fun because you can weave any thing that you are good at. Harakeke grows and then they are humongous and you can weave anything you're good at weaving.