Wednesday, 12 December 2018

my art work for this term

Task description: this is my cave art symbol my one tells men were in a campsite and the snakes our coming they went out and trough the spears, And killed the snakes.

Task description:the terracotta pot is for my mum and it is like a pink wave coming in.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

term 4 reflection

My favorite subject is inquiry research the thing that i don’t like the most is talking in front of other people. This term we also had secret santa and shared lunch it was very exciting for me. We did the paideia seminar i was a little bit shy to talk but i still talked. we also did paideia seminar three i was talking more in paideia seminar three. On term three we went to gravity we did all these flips it was so fun.

On term three we didn’t do the paideia seminar because we didn’t have enough time to do the paideia seminar. We also did 3d printing with 3d pens i tried making a ring that had a gem in it my most favorite present that i got was a minion car.


Task description we had to research about jewelery.

Monday, 26 November 2018

rock paper scissors

Task description: me and rae jae played this game could rock paper scissors but you have to do a number and you times the numbers.

Narritive writing plan

One morning there was this boy Kauri and he was walking then suddenly a floating island. He Said” that looks like an engineers palace” and then an engineer just walked out of the palace. The engineer was out there and then his slave just realised there was gold and the slave told the engineer. The engineer wanted to build a big strong machine the energy is melted gold. Kauri found out and he Keeped it a secret and then the island suddenly fell down. Then Kauri ran back to his house and had lunch well he was eating lunch the engineer was building. And he snuck in the building and he saw the power plug and pulled it out and the robot that was mining blew up. And the engineer got a fright and got a hard attack.