Thursday, 18 October 2018


scary time

The first term, at school i did fia fia and I was in choir I was nervous and excited. We did fia fia because it is sometimes showing your culture. you also learn new things at fia fia and I played the drum. I felt proud of myself after we performed I was tired.

There were three songs the first one was easy and the second one was a little bit harder. But the third one was hard and i also had to drum it was so hard.

To be continue... 

cave drawing Animation

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Te wa toi

Hello welcome back to my blog we are going to be using cool different colours. Also crayons, vivid s, paint we went to immersion assembly. I was excited for the new topic witch is te wa toi it is based on art and i love art. I am good at drawing and animating things we went to immersion assembly and Mr Burt was just in black cloths. So Mr Jacobson and Mrs nua put him in a cool Maui suit.

Drawing will help me do something better with this inquiry topic because i am good at drawing and i like drawing. Working alone is hard for me because i get distracted.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Animation script

Move your body. Objects need trust to .move forward. Soccer is a game with a ball. You can only kick the ball and there are four squads. The first squad is the goalie the second is midfielder. The third is defender and the last is striker. It shows people shooting the ball in the goals and having fun.